Noahs' Trip is an interactive, multimedia exhibition exploring the evolution from slave-ships to space-ships on a metaphysical level. Navigation as central theme is perceived as civilisational process enforced by mankind's struggle to survive as well as a symbol for the urge to travel. It is a homage to humanity's ambivalent attraction towards the void and unknown.

In photographical series emotions, the yearning and mere beauty of navigation is addressed. These images contrast with video works and the interactive installation “control room”, which are abstractions of the unromantic development of modern shipping technologies.

Control room
The installation consisting of several data processors and up to 14 screens, serves as a multimedia platform and is a replica of an original control room, commonly applied in modern unmanned shipment and oil industry. Visitors enter a highly technologized area and are brought into an observing position of seemingly real images on the monitoring screens. Interrupted by phone calls, requests for action and warning signals they become witness of accidents, fire and oil catastrophes.
Noahs' Tribe
Those infected by the spirit of Noahs’ tribe were the first ones to dare crossing oceans in the past and they will be the first to travel and explore outer space.